If you are new to CBD and are interested in giving it a try, you probably want to know where and how to buy CBD oil?

CBD or cannabidiol oil supplements have been gaining in popularity.

The benefits of taking CBD oil are all over the popular press and many people are testifying to its effectiveness. This has resulted in a huge increase in demand for cannabinoid supplements. CBD is everywhere at the moment and it’s only going to get more mainstream.

The number of products available is growing daily and unfortunately as a result of the success, there are some illegitimate sellers trying to earn a quick buck by selling substandard products, causing the reputation of CBD to be harmed.

People deserve better.

We want everyone to experience the benefits that come with taking a genuine high quality CBD oil for themselves, and we think that you deserve to get what you pay for.

We offer some top choices of CBD oil for sale in the UK, specifically detailing trusted online retailers. You can be sure you are getting a quality product from any of these companies.

We also point out some places that are best avoided.

Our number 1 choice is 1CBD.  – Check out out out feature article on 1CBD for an in depth look at our number 1 pick

Other high quality products from legitimate sellers

Hempura 500mg CBD Oil 10ml – Broad Spectrum

Hempura has been about since the beginning of 2017 and they are a leading brand in the UK.

They are registered with the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA). The CTA are the primary UK trade body created to eliminate bad practice, enhance transparency and introduce basic regulation within the market. Members of the CTA agree to uphold standards around correct labelling and marketing.

Their products are fully compliant of the guidelines set out by the CTA.

Hempura products are manufactured in the UK to a high standard. They work in state of the art laboratories using a CO2 extraction method to extract their CBD. Their broad-spectrum oil range undergoes various other processes such as: decarboxylation, filtration and winterisation (More info on this is available here)

Key info

  • Cannabis sativa hemp extract in refined hemp oil.
  • 500mg of CBD per 10ml bottle (5%)
  • Zero THC – <0.05%
  • Lab tested
  • Vegan and lactose friendly
  • RRP £36.99

The broad spectrum oil is also available in 250mg and 1000mg strengths


CBD Life 1000mg CBD Hemp Oil spray 10ml – Full Spectrum

CBD Life is another great company based in the UK.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the team behind this company at the recent Hemp and CBD Expo in Birmingham, England.

They’re such a dedicated bunch of people, who genuinely want to meet your CBD needs. CBD Life lead by example with their products,  only supplying completely natural CBD oils that provide the very best benefits that CBD has to offer.

The 1000mg CBD Hemp oil spray is perfect for new and experienced users. The spray bottle is very easy to use.

A great all-rounder and I would highly recommend. 

Key Info

  • Cannabis sativa hemp extract in MCT oil.
  • 1000mg of CBD per 10ml bottle (10%)
  • Low THC – <0.2%
  • Lab tested
  • Vegan and lactose friendly
  • RRP £49.95

There’s also an option with 400mg CBD per 10ml.

Buy 1000mg from CBD Life here


Love CBD Entourage oil



Love CBD 1400mg Entourage Oil 20ml – Full Spectrum

We love this oil. Love CBD is small family-run company based in the UK. They are one of the leaders in CBD and have been around since the end of 2014, which is early days in CBD market terms. They were around before CBD gained in popularity and they share our passion for CBD. Love CBD only sell high quality products.

The 1400mg Entourage oil (Entourage is basically full-spectrum) is made from hemp flowers, that are grown with the specific intention of being used for CBD extraction. Love CBD use different strains that are selected with their cannabinoid content in mind.

Love CBD are a leading brand. You can be sure that you are buying from a trusted source when buying one of their products.

Key info

  • Cannabis Extract in olive oil Carrier
  • 1400mg of CBD per bottle – 700mg per 10ml (7%)
  • Low THC – Under 0.2%
  • Lab tested
  • Vegan and Lactose friendly
  • RRP £79.99

The entourage oil is also availible in 800mg and 2000mg strengths.

Buy 1400mg Entourage oil from Love CBD here


Why can’t I buy from Amazon and eBay? Now here’s the thing

You can, but Amazon and eBay don’t allow the direct sale or marketing of products labelled ‘CBD Oil’ on their platform. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

You will find hundreds of choices for Hemp oil or Hemp oil drops under other related names, but you will rarely find a CBD Oil for sale. Maybe the occasional product will be found that has slipped through but technically its not allowed. I’m sure there are good CBD products among the poor ones but the risk when buying from here is higher and personally I would avoid.

Health Food Stores

CBD is currently available to purchase on the high street in well known health food stores including Holland and Barrett, as well as lots of small independent retail outlets. You can even find CBD for sale on the UK high street in major retailers such as Boots and Superdrug, which just shows how far CBD has come.

Without a doubt CBD over the coming months and years will become a natural leader in the health food market.




4 thoughts on “Where and how to buy CBD Oil – Legitimate sources in the UK”

  1. Hello,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. I love the idea of CBD and think that it has taken far to long to get to the point where we now can buy it. In my opinion CBD is the new miracle drug if you will, that will help many people that are living in constant pain, finally get some relief.
    I live in Canada and weed just because legal 6 mos ago. I loved how you have really emersed yourself in this niche. You seem to have a ton of experience and I think that the right information with CBD is important.
    Great job

  2. Hi Darren,
    Very informative post for a beginner.

    My 2 cents:
    1) I’m new to CBD oil & doesn’t even know what it stands for until I read your FAQs. Maybe it’s a good idea to have an Intro post to newbie like myself to this product.
    2) The next info I’m looking for is what are its benefits before I want to explore further. You’ve indicated its benefits are all over the press but to some it may not be that obvious if the interest is not there. May be a good idea to list down several top benefits in point form to entice readers to browse further.

    That’s about it…

    Thank you

  3. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not stay silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say thanks for sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested on these brands.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


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