If you have been thinking of purchasing a CBD oil and have carried out searches online, you would have almost certainly been overwhelmed with the many different choices available. A common question asked is “What is the difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil?” A simple answer would be that they are definitely not the same thing!

Below we explain some key points in a bit more detail that will ultimately help guide you when looking to purchase a quality CBD Oil.

Hemp Oil – It’s definitely not CBD oil!

Hemp Oil or Hemp Seed Oil as its also known, is produced by the cold pressing of Hemp seeds.

Hemp seeds with hemp seed oil

Whilst this oil is considered a super food and has a high content of essential vitamins and nutrients, including Omega-3, Omega-6 fatty acids,  it contains a very low cannabinoid content, not to mention the bitter taste. In other words it’s good, but its not what all the fuss is about.

CBD Oil – Natural and effective

CBD Oil or Hemp extract is produced by extracting naturally occurring cannabinoids directly from the flowers, leaves and stems of the industrial hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa L. Once the cannabinoids are extracted they’re usually blended with a carrier oil to improve bio-availability.

Carrier oils include…

  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil – This is made by cold pressing hemp seeds as mentioned above. Whilst it is high in Omega fatty acids, it does have a limited shelf life and can spoil quickly if it isn’t stored under the right conditions.
  • Refined Hemp Seed Oil – Whilst still containing all the nutrients of organic hemp seed oil, the refining process dramatically improves the shelf life and taste.
  • MCT Oil – MCT is short for Medium Chain Triglycerides. Basically for cbd carrier it’s usually coconut oil that’s used. It’s very neutral in taste, which is good for when looking to flavor CBD oil. It also has a long shelf life.
  • Olive Oil – Olive oil has a very high carrying capacity for CBD. It has a pleasant taste and acts as a natural preservative which makes it an ideal candidate for use as a carrier oil with CBD. Provocan is a leading brand that use an olive oil carrier oil.

Not all CBD oils are made equal – From seed to extraction

Good quality CBD starts from the seed. Selecting the right strain with good genetics will result in a plant that produces a high CBD low THC content. Once the plant is fully grown it’s ready to be harvested and made ready for the CBD to be extracted.

The primary method used to extract the CBD is the CO2 extraction method. This is because CO2 is non-toxic and non-combustible making it one of the safest methods available. It also ensures that no residual solvents are left behind.

Crude extractA crude full spectrum extract will contain other parts of the whole plant including CBDa, THC, terpenes, chlorophyll, fats and waxes in varying amounts, depending on the pressure and temperature used by the extractor.

This full spectrum extract can be blended with a carrier oil and sold as a RAW extract. It will usually be dark and have a particularly strong, distinctive taste and smell.

Full Spectrum oil will also contain a small percentage of THC. This is the well-known psychoactive compound that is responsible for the ‘high’ usually associated with recreational cannabis consumption.

Although the small amounts of THC in a Full Spectrum Oil would not cause the user to experience a ‘high’, some people might be better suited to avoid THC altogether. This is where a Broad Spectrum Oil can be beneficial…

Broad Spectrum – Fats, Waxes and THC removed

A Broad Spectrum Oil will still contain lots of the beneficial cannabinoids that are in the Full Spectrum Oils but will not contain THC. Some other parts of the plant can also be removed by subjecting the crude oil to some gentle filtering processes …


  • Decarboxylation This is a process of turning CBDa (cannabolic acid) into CBD by gentle heating


  • Winterization – A process whereby the fats and waxes are removed. By adding an alcohol solution to the mix of crude oil and the slowly cooling to cryogenic temperatures, the fats and waxes solidify and can then be filtered out using a vacuum. The alcohol is then removed by process of distillation, leaving behind a beautiful wax free extract of golden oil without any fats or waxes.

The extract is then blended with a chosen carrier oil. Broad Spectrum oil has a  smoother taste and smell, whilst still retaining most of the beneficial cannabinoids.

Golden Broad Spectrum Oil

The finished product is in high demand

The availability of CBD oil products is ever-increasing as the demand continues to increase increases. The increase in demand is primarily being driven by the consumer, as word spreads over the effectiveness of CBD.

It would be fair to say that CBD brings a balance to the central nervous and immune systems. Common uses cited for CBD oil include stress, anxiety, pain, anti-inflammatory, insomnia, muscle recovery….the list goes on.

You can buy both Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD oils in any of the above forms, in varying sizes and strengths. Our personal choice is a 500mg 5% Full Spectrum Oil with an Olive Oil carrier blend that has helped a number people, particularly if suffering from anxiety (I can vouch for this from personal experience)

As the choice of places to buy CBD oil continues to grow online and in health stores across the USA and Europe, we hope that this article has provided you with some valuable information that will help clarify and guide you in any future purchase of CBD oil.

Please feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions you may have. Answers to some of the most common questions can be found on our FAQs page.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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