This easy to read CBD benefits chart outlines the true power of the cannabis plant. The long list of benefits next to CBD give you an indication of just why CBD supplementation is proving to be so popular.

CBD Benefits chart

The list of Health and Wellness benefits is long for sure. People have used cannabis for a variety of health conditions for thousands of year’s.

More recently, with improvements in research, scientists have begun understand the true power of cannabinoids for our health.

But can CBD really have such a positive impact so many issues within the human body?


This is why I’m such an advocate of CBD.

CBD – It is Obviously Medical By Function

Most traditional medicines only work on fixing a particular symptom, but they don’t necessarily fix the underlying cause of a problem. In most cases, CBD works by triggering our Endocannabinoid system or ECS, which ultimately helps the body to fix the root cause of the issue. This is the reason it is so effective at treating such a wide range of health issues.

Each individual who uses CBD will get a different experience because everybody has an ECS that is unique to them.

It would definitely be fair to say that it universally brings an overall balance to the body.

Most Common Uses For CBD

  1. Pain & Inflammation – By far the most common use for CBD is pain. If you’ve ever experienced chronic pain then you will know how unpleasant this is. The anti inflammatory effects of CBD help to reduce the severity of pain.
  2. Stress & Anxiety- CBD has been shown to lessen the symptoms of these two conditions – Stress is a common problem in everyday modern life. I’ve heard a story from a family member who works for a Health Supplement Company. Her boss offers CBD to staff in the morning to help sharpen their minds for work! She says that nearly everyone takes it and that the CBD makes them all more relaxed, but that they are also more productive. (That’s a company I’d like to work for)
  3. Insomnia & Sleep Issues – Over half of the population worldwide don’t get enough sleep. Good quality sleep is critical for our health and well-being. The calming effect CBD has on the central nervous system will help to improve the quality of your sleep.

There is also a growing amount of evidence to back all of this up. It’s being shown that CBD can have all of these benefits without some nasty side effects of pharmaceutical medicines.

Mental Health – An area of huge interest

Philip McGuire is a professor of psychiatry and cognitive neuroscience based in London, England. He has an interest in psychosis and begun looking into the benefits of CBD many year’s ago. After completing clinical trials of CBD in patients with psychosis, or those who are prone to psychosis, he obtained  proof of its benefits. The tests were carried out against a placebo, double-blind and the results showed conclusively that CBD did in fact improve the psychotic symptoms more than the placebo did.

McGuire said “It’s the hottest new medicine in mental health by some margin. There’s huge interest in it as a potential new treatment.”

We are definitely making progress but more research does still need to be done.

Epidiolex – An FDA approved cannabis medicine

There are already licensed cannabis based medicines approved but these are costly and not readily available.

Epidiolex is an approved medicine used for the treatment of two of the rarest and most severe forms of epilepsy in Children over 2 year’s of age: Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Epidiolex is a purified form of cannabidiol that has been developed by a UK company called GW Pharmaceuticals.

Epidiolex costs $32,000 for a year’s subscription. It is quite simply just CBD Isolate!! (WOW!!)

There’s also another Cannabis based medicine developed by GW, called Sativex. This is a mouth spray that utilises the functions of THC more than CBD.

Sativex is used in the treatment of neuropathic pain, spasticity, overactive bladder, and other symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

This all goes to show that there are therapeutic benefits to be gained by supplementing with cannabinoids that have directly and indirectly been proven in medical trials.


It’s not only people looking for help with illnesses that are benefiting from use of CBD…..Fitness Enthusiast? CBD can help you too!

With its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects its no wonder that a growing number of fitness enthusiasts are incorporating this into their diet and supplement routines.

Nate Diaz is a UFC cage fighting champion, the regular hard and gruelling training obviously takes its toll on his body. He uses CBD to help him with recovery. Nate is also a vocal proponent of CBD and its benefits.

” I had heard about its use as an aid for recovery in that it has anti-inflammatory purposes and claims to help with pain relief, this in return lets me train just as hard every day. Another big plus is that it helps me sleep better and this aids natural growth hormones which the body needs to repair and build muscle”

He’s not the only one. Boxers, Body Builders and other athletes are also benefiting.

I’m in – I want to experience the benefits of CBD!

We have established that CBD not only helps with various health conditions but it can also improve overall health and well-being in otherwise healthy individuals.

We believe strongly that CBD can play a major role in improving the health and wellness of everyone that uses it.

So why don’t you give CBD a try?

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