1CBD have been around since November 2018 so are a relatively new UK based company. They advertise ‘The highest specification Full Spectrum CBD oil in the UK’. Sounds good, but do they really deliver? We take a closer look and share our findings with you below.

1CBD – Review

  • Website: www.1CBD.UK
  • Products: Full Spectrum CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Gummies, CBD Balm
  • Price range: £9.99-£259.99
  • Lab tested? Yes

Product range

Their product range is based primarily around high strength Full Spectrum CBD Oil. They do also offer soft gel CBD capsules, CBD gummies and a CBD balm but they don’t offer a CBD vape product. There’s a range of CBD soft drinks in the pipeline too. Products are all Vegan-friendly, gluten free and 100% organic.

Our Thoughts– Whilst the range is fairly limited, the focus is on products that only benefit the user. Concentrating on a small range should also help to keep the quality control high. Not having an interest in the CBD Vape market is a good sign that they take their customers health seriously.

CBD source and Extraction method

The CBD extract used in all of 1CBDs products comes from Hemp plants that are grown outdoors in the Colorado sunshine with no exposure to harmful chemicals or pesticides. The CBD is extracted from pure, chemical free & premium strains of high CBD hemp plants using medical grade CO2 in the extraction process.

Our Thoughts- Colorado, USA, has been at the forefront of the CBD industry in the USA since the growing of Cannabis and Hemp was made legal as part of the amended farm bill in 2014. The robust agricultural economy and access to some leading hemp technology means that the region is in prime position to produce some worlds the finest hemp extracts using the latest scientific research.

Using medical medical grade CO2 for the extraction is a unique process that allows all the beneficial cannabinoid, terpenes, terpenoids and amino acids to remain intact. It’s the safest & most environmentally friendly extraction method currently available.

1CBD Oil range

The 1CBD Oil range comes in three different strengths, 10% (Bronze), 20%(Silver) and 40%(Gold) and there are three sizes of each. There are 1ml tester sizes available as well as 5ml and 10ml. They are made using a Full Spectrum CBD Extract in a purified hemp oil carrier and are prepared in small batches. All products are also 0% THC.

Bronze 10%

  • 1ml – £9.99
  • 5ml – £39.99
  • 10ml – £59.99

Silver 20%

  • 1ml – £19.99
  • 5ml – £79.99
  • 10ml £129.99

Gold 40%

  • 1ml – £39.99
  • 5ml – £149.99
  • 10ml – £259.99


Our Thoughts

1CBD are the only company in the UK currently packaging oils into 1ml and 5ml options, with a tester pack featuring 1ml of each strength of that they produce. Great if you are interested in seeing what works best for you without committing to purchasing a larger bottle.

They are also unique in offering such a high strength range of CBD oil. Usually a brand will have 3%,5% or 10% or something similar to this. To have the higher strength options available is great for anyone in need of a stronger oil. The fact that they are prepared in small batches will help to ensure quality, consistency, taste, colour and potency.

Zero THC means that the products induce absolutely none of the psychoactive effects associated with THC. This also gives peace of mind for anyone that could be tested for drugs at work or for sports competition. Some products on the market do contain an amount of THC that could build up in your system and show up a positive result in a test.

The Gold CBD is quite expensive yes, but if you take into consideration how long it would last then it will actually work out to be cheaper in the long run. Taking one drop of the 40% oil provides around 20mg of CBD so a 10ml bottle would last 100 days if taking two drops per day, one drop in the morning and one in the evening.

1CBD do also have the following offers running which can make a big difference and will save you money.

  • CBD50 – 10% off orders over £50
  • CBD100 15% off orders over £100 + free delivery in the UK
  • Newsletter – 15% off when you join the newsletter

Lab Testing and Compliance

The raw materials and extracts 1CBD use are vigorously tested and HPLC analysed by independent laboratories across the USA and UK. The 1CBD laboratory also maintains a quality system designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and is GMP certified. All products are batch numbered, bottled (tamper evident), sealed, packed and quality control checked in the UK to ensure full trace ability.











Our thoughts

Full lab report results are clearly displayed next to each product on the 1CBD website.

This a massive plus for us. The quality control system that is in place, meeting the ISO 9001 requirements as well as GMP certified facility also add credibility. 1CBD offer full traceabilty of their products and are 100% compliant with current guidelines.


1CBD clearly provide top quality, high strength CBD oil to the UK market. The small range of products are focussed around quality, purity and potency.

We rate their products highly and they tick all of the boxes required when looking for a legitimate seller of high strength CBD products online.

  • Full Spectrum
  • High Strength
  • 100% Organic
  • Vegan friendly
  • 0% THC
  • Lab Test results visable on website
  • Full traceability (batch numbers)

CBD Oil works differently for everyone by stimulating your Endocannabinoid System (regulates functions such as sleep, immune-system responses and pain), which in turn can help with pain relief, muscle fatigue, anxiety, stomach problems, skin conditions and much more.

Some of these important issues require a high dose of CBD to be effective. If you need a high strength CBD product then we high recommend giving the 1CBD range a try.

Please feel free to  leave any comments below. We would be especially interested in hearing any feedback on the 1CBD product range.


6 thoughts on “1CBD Review – High strength CBD Oil in the UK”

    1. Hi Andy,
      Some of the UK supply does come from Europe, countries such as the Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia to name three. We do also have companies producing their own hemp and CBD in the UK however Colorado is a major contributor to this industry and the have some of the highest quality extracts using the latest hemp farming tech. It makes sense that some companies do utilise this.

  1. CBD is definitely kicking off and I’m hoping it poses a challenge to (and doesn’t get taken over by) big pharma, but we’ll wait to see. 1CBD seems to be one of the better, more honest companies I’ve seen reviewed. For me, it’s all about finding companies like this and spreading the word of their high quality products and lab testing, which will allow the CBD market drive without outside interference from those in the pharmaceutical industry. I also love the fact they have full traceability as well, a massive bonus.

    1. Hi Todd,.totally agree with you regarding the pharmaceuticals. I hope that the industry is now too far developed for them to shut it down. Too many people are benefiting from products like this and the word is spreading fast, so it would cause alot of controversy should it suddenly become unavailable to buy.

  2. Hi Darren, I must admit this does sound like a high quality oil compared to some I have seen lately. I work in a Herbal Apothecary and we get a lot of companies approaching us to sell their products but obviously we can’t use them all.

    I’ve tried some CBD oil samples and in my opinion, some of them work and some of them don’t; there is so much rubbish out there, and you have to separate the wheat from the chaff. Your product seems to meet all the criteria, and I especially love the fact that they don’t do vapes which are definitely not the healthy alternative to smoking as many believe. In fact, evidence is coming out now of the dangers, so its’s only a matter of time before vaping gets blown out of the water, and a good company won’t want to be associated with that.

    1. Hi Stefanie,
      I understand there are so many different products available now and not all of them are very good. I have tried a lot of different products myself and some do definitely work for me better than others. There are some good products out there from companies that are genuinely interested in the health and well being of their customers and 1CBD 100% fit into that category. People deserve to get what they are paying for.

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